How it works

Our messaging tool allows users to send text and picture messages (SMS and MMS) to their contacts directly from their web browser.

How do we do it?
It all starts with the messaging back-end.

We use the same enterprise level messaging technology used by Coca Cola, Uber, Home Depot, and Hulu. This technology platform provides:

  • 99% message deliverability in the U.S.
  • Send messages around the world (we are adding countries regularly)
  • No spam from anonymous texters
  • Send longer text messages than iOS, Android (sends up to 10 messages in one!)
  • Uptime guaranteed at 99.95% or better

Building on that messaging platform, we spent months building an intuitive, simple interface for users to add their contacts and start sending messages within seconds.

Here's how to start using it:

  1. Register
  2. Add a contact
  3. Send a message
It really is that easy.

Here's more great stuff we have planned:

  • Picture messaging
  • Scheduling messages
  • Group messaging

What else would you like to see? Let us know here.