Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to anything you need to know about our new messaging service -- how to use it, what it can do, and what's next. If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know.

  1. What is MammothMessenger?
    A premium online text messaging service to enable users to send and receive both text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages from their browser to any phone around the world. We are consistently adding new features as we get more great feedback from our community of users.

  2. How do I register?
    Click on the 'Register' tab to the left of the screen. Enter your email address and click the 'Register' button. You will receive an email confirmation with a link. Click the link, then complete the short form and you'll be added as an active member in the system. That's it!

  3. How much does it cost?
    We are currently in the Early Access Program (EAP) with the service, as we fine tune it and incorporate feedback. Once the EAP is over, there will be a monthly fee to use the service, with multiple levels to choose from.

  4. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
    We are working on an automated password reset feature. Until then, if you have registered and cannot find your password, let us know through the Contact page, and we will send you a new password.

  5. What countries can I send messages to?
    For the EAP, we are currently supporting messages to the U.S. only. Though you can send the message from anywhere int he world. We are in the process of adding other countries including the UK, Canada, and India. Want to see another country added? Let us know.

  6. Can I get responses to my message through this service?
    Yes. The EAP currently supports both sending and receiving of text messages. If your contact responds to your text, it will be displayed in the tool. You can also see message threads of past conversations.

  7. Someone is sending me unwanted messages from this service. What can I do?
    Contact us immediately with the relevant details. We do not tolerate abuse of this service, and we reiterate this with our users. We will take prompt action to cancel any user accounts found to be abusing this service.

Remember, if you did not find an answer to your question, please do let us know so we can address it for you!